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No Response from Union; Butler County prepares for Strike

No Response from Union; Butler County prepares for Strike

(Butler County, OH)--Following a day of talks, the county is making its final offer to the Butler County Children Services Independent Union.  The union has not accepted or rejected the offer.  A news release from the county said that it must prepare for the possibility of a strike Monday.

The county said it has an absolute obligation to protect children at risk of neglect or abuse. 

The union said the county has rejected pay raises for the previous four years. It added that the strike decision comes after 14 months of talks over stagnant pay and a constant loss of social workers.

"Since the union has been demanding additional personnel be hired to reduce case loads, we felt that our latest offer, coupled with the fact that additional staff is being hired from Tuesday's Social Services Job Fair, would satisfy union requests.," said Charles Young, Butler County Administrator.

"Apparently that wasn't enough and we must prepare for the worst. We simply cannot wait until Monday  to see if workers will, indeed, strike to begin preparation. Undertaking these preparations will take significant time and resources. It is our hope that the union can accept our offer, but we must have an answer-some answer-immediately."

Over 300 applicants turned out for the job fair on Tuesday.  The county hopes to hire 20 permanent and 40 temporary workers for children services.







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