VIDEO: Romney Gaining in Polls

VIDEO: Romney Gaining in Polls

(Bond Hill) -- His third appearance in the Tri-State since winning the party's nod, coincided with new polls showing Mitt Romney gaining on his rival, President Barack Obama.  The latest nationwide Rasmussen poll shows Romney with a four point lead over the incumbant.  Closer to home, the President has lost his advantage in Ohio, where both candidates are now tied.

For photos of Romney's visit to Bond Hill, Click Here.

Many Republicans say it's Romney's performance at the debates that has pushed his popularity up.  Don Mcelwee from Colerain Township says he's so convinced in the Romney campaign, he's knocking on doors for the candidate.

For much of this week, Joe Tarantino of North Hampton, Massachusetts has been going door to door in Anderson Township, campaigning for Romney.  He says his state, where Romney was once Governor, has already been ceded to Obama, and the battle for the White House will likely be won in Ohio.